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PAFY Advocates Help Empower Patients and Their Loved Ones To:

• Better Understand Medical Conditions and Treatment Options
• Demand and Receive Proper Medical Care
• Effectively Communicate With Doctors and Hospitals
• Learn About Prescribed Medication and Proper Dosages
• Receive Appropriate Counseling for Patients and Family Members
• Analyze and Consolidate Financial Liabilities Related to Healthcare
• Identify the Right Facilities and Plan of Action for the Elderly or Infirmed

What We Do

We enable clients and communities to make choices and access the resources available to make those decisions.

Registered Nurses

Our process is simple. Available 24/7 first contacting PAFY will access you to someone who listens to your story. In doing, so we are able to quickly assess what your needs are and share our thoughts. We will then set up a meeting with all involved. We will assess and prioritize your needs providing you with a clear vision on first goals and how we can achieve outcomes. We track our progress throughout the case while communicating frequently with all parties involved.

Care Coordinators

Our registered nurse patient advocates assess the situation and develop a plan of care that addresses all the issues that impact your life to help improve quality and create balance. Our collaborative approach with the patient, family and healthcare system is proven to work with clients who have trusted us for years. It means you will be well-supported by an expert registered nurse patient advocate at all times through all issues.

Collaborative Leaders

Having someone be your voice when you can’t. A registered nurse patient advocate is the best choice when you need someone to understand the system, labs, medical language and testing. It’s all about you and your needs with consistent personal care coordination with an expert navigator available to you and your family at all times. Not in charge of you but in charge of the details.

Expert Caregivers

While you navigate your illness, we navigate the system. Your family can embrace you as a family member. While you and your family are managing your illness, we manage the details of your care. Not to worry about physicians talking to each other, medication changes, transitioning to home or rehab and working for you. Your doctor will be updated and informed so your care will continue after discharge.

Take Control Of Your Family's Healthcare

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