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So You Want to be a Nurse?

So You Want to be a Nurse?

Nov 13, 2017

I wanted to be a nurse from the time I can remember. I would line up my dolls and pretend to take care of them and always cared about people. How they felt, why they felt that way and when someone was sick I always wanted to help in some way. I believe that was a calling. It seemed, back then, that a calling was what everyone had for the profession they aspired to become. A need to fulfill in some way that we felt within us that we were born to do.

Some may say "oh back then every woman wanted to be a nurse or a teacher." Maybe so and maybe we were conditioned in some way. It is certainly a debate that can be launched.

But here is my concern. As I enter the healthcare system in every path I don't meet people who seem to enjoy their job. From the receptionist behind the window who seems to be annoyed that we arrived, to the medical assistant that has robotic movements and don't seem to acknowledge that there is a human being to be seen. The doctor who comes in rolling the computer with always a new program they are disgruntled in mandating to learn and the lab who is only interested in your insurance information.

A calling doesn't seem to exist anymore. The people following into the healthcare profession are driven by schools capturing all who are interested in making money; almost guaranteeing an annual salary that many can't attain. What's true are programs that are barely adequate with little care to who they train but more as to who they wrap into a federal loan that will pay for the education that many can never attain. Regardless those schools get their funds; the student is then stuck paying for that loan they signed for and now have no education to show for it.

Then there are those who do graduate with inadequate training, impersonal approaches to care and are indoctrinated into a system that creates a robot only to ensure that computer programs are completed and dictated by well developed options that only allows enough information to assure litigation is limited and true assessments are eliminated. Nursing? Nope....the bedside is more about scanning patients and documenting.

I am very disappointed in what we have allowed. Few will stand up for what they believe is wrong because they will be sanctioned; written up, bullied, fired, suspended pushed out and more. True threats of job elimination to assure little is said of the true experience of the patient, family and the nurse.

I'm proud of my profession but disappointed in where we are. Systems will get bigger, ownership will prevail  into few choices and no longer will there be a drive to be the nurse you want to be. No longer a calling but now an option for what they are told is a secure job. Be careful what you wish for!!

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