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“We are a well respected addition to your present healthcare team by your side throughout the system you are in, evaluating, collaborating, educating and supporting you and your family.”


It’s difficult to navigate the healthcare system. We trust that everything will be done that should be done. You need someone to be there to assure that your information is correct and that everyone is talking.

Now you can hire someone who knows the system and will coordinate your care with you in mind. It’s all about you and we make sure it stays that way. Our specialty are those elderly clients who have family out of state or working full time.

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Client Services

At Patient Advocate For You we assist in all stages of the healthcare process.

We are available to do the worrying during initial hospitalizations, and can also coordinate the transition process afterwards if rehabilitation or home care is necessary.

We are also experts in eldercare, and also knowing what hospice is and knowing how to connect with the best programs that provide support for the entire family during difficult times.

Our Employee Program

Employee Assistance Programs

Where do your employees go for help with their healthcare issues? Insurance companies aren’t always the answer. We can help!


Launch A Nurse Advocate
LANA is a new program offered to non-medical, homecare agencies, elderly communities and dementia units.


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